Our robot VULCAN III.6 uses:

8 motors

2 servo motors

4 mecanum wheels

Extends from 16" to 35"

Fast cascade mechanism

Quick and efficient collection and dropping

We started making the robot on November 12. 7 motors and a servo motors are designed to do different functions. 

4 motors are used for driving, 2 are used for the movement of the cascade, one is used for setting the angle of the cascade while the last one is used for latching the robot on the hanger. The servo motors are used for rotating the collector mechanism's brush. The brush is made up of surgical tubes.  

We are using mecanum wheels for efficient movement.  

The cascade mechanism expands with the help of the thread and comes back with the help of another thread tied around another wheel. 




We changed our robot from Vulcan I.0 to Vulcan II.0 because mecanum wheels were heavy enough comparatively, which made our robot go overweight. 



Our robot has gone through many prototypes to give us the final beauty. We changed our robot from Vulcan II.0 to VulcanIII.6 because Vulcan II.0 was light enough and could bare mecanum wheels. Since mecanum wheels are more precise and efficient compared to omni wheels, we decided to replace the omni wheels with mecanum wheels. Mecanum wheels are much more faster than omni wheels. This would help us reduce our time. 

Vulcan III.6 has got a much stronger chassis compared to Vulcan II.0. Vulcan II.0 had a chassis which was weak enough to break on a crash while the match was going on.