About Us

G-FORCE is a community robotics team from Mumbai Maharashtra . The team has students ranging from 7th to 9th grade.G-FORCE evolved as a team that has been participating in Robotic Competitions for the past 5 years. We have participated in several competitions like WRO,FTC and FLL. In 2017, we won WRO Innovative Solutions Award and in 2018 we won the Best Research Project Award at First Lego League and many more awards in different fields. we were the pioneers in training the dharavi dynamites and in future we will continue to deliver this service 







Destroyer of the bot. Creator of Instagram. 

I have everything 'Apple' so I never go to the doctor. Built the cascade mechanism. 

Encoder of the team. "Eating is my love but FTC is my passion."





A mad scientist, who wants to try out every idea given by someone. 

The brain behind the engineering notebook.  



We've gone from winning first place awards at qualifying competitions, to National and International level awards . 2017-2018 was our most successful season to date . we were selected the best Innovators and Researchers at World level for WRO - World Robotic Olympaid and First Lego League at International level. We completed with 108 other teams in Costa Rica and we were chosen as the best 

Innovative Solutions award 2018-2019

is a learning year for G-FORCE, with half of the team starting as rookies.Regardless of the challenges, our team stands united, full of force and enthusiasm to have fun and share learning in the journey


Our Team won the future innovators award held at Costa Rica in junior open category.The theme was sustainability and we have made a retrofit solution that will be used in cars . Which uses the transformation of power concept and results in less fuel consumption and decrease in carbon footprint. 


The theme was hydrodynamics and our team won the core value award at nationals and the best researched project award at international held in Estonia .

Our project arrived at detecting water leaks in underground pipes using a robot that will enter the pipe from one end and retrace its path in order to come out by using line video footage it will detect the leak and will also carry water sample in order to check contamination 


Team G-Force got this award in excellence of sparking others to embrace the culture of FIRST. Team successfully showed to everyone that what it means to be a team, shows respect & gracious professionalism to everyone they meet at FTC India event. they mentored a rookie team called "Dharavi Dynamites" as a part of their community outreach activity.